February 27, 2022

Stonebwoy Makes History In Gambia With A Riveting ‘Scorpion Festival’ Performance

On Saturday, February 26th, Stonebwoy, a Ghanaian reggae and dancehall singer, headlined the 2021 Scorpion Festival at the Bakau Independence Stadium in Gambia.

The BET award-winning global reggae and dancehall performer was the festival’s first Ghanaian headliner, and his riveting performance received widespread acclaim. The event was described as “legendary” by some local media, while others described it as “important, engaging, forceful, and daring.”

His energetic performance opened the door for Gambians to embrace Ghanaian music and culture. Stonebwoy’s outfit transports concertgoers into his seductive realm, and his performance fully captivated the swarm of shouting fans.

Stonebwoy’s performance was perfect representation of what the concertgoers had hoped for. Throughout the performance, he was backed by his hype MC, Ogee, band, and a bunch of choreographers for a few songs, but he maintained the limelight on himself as he delivered one of the most unapologetically performance.

Watch highlights below;