August 8, 2023

Wild Africa Fund and Stonebwoy’s charity organization join forces to safeguard Ghana’s wildlife and natural heritage

The Wild Africa Fund has signed a strategic partnership with The Livingstone Foundation, a charity organization owned by renowned Ghanaian artist Stonebwoy. The collaboration aims to amplify efforts for conservation and raise awareness about the urgent need to protect the nation’s diverse flora and fauna.

The announcement of this vital partnership was met with enthusiasm and optimism, as both the Wild Africa Fund and Dr. Louisa Satekla-led charity organization share a common vision for a sustainable future where the rich biodiversity of Ghana thrives for generations to come. The collaboration will see the two organizations unite their expertise, resources, and passion to address the pressing challenges faced by the country’s wildlife and ecosystems.

The Wild Africa Fund, recognized for its commitment to safeguarding Africa’s natural heritage, has a history of impactful initiatives that have contributed to the protection of endangered species and the preservation of vital habitats. By joining forces with the charity organization, the stage is set for a more resonant call to action that transcends borders and resonates with people from all walks of life.

Dr. Louisa Satekla, a renowned Ghanaian health practitioner and Director of The Livingstone Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. “It is an honor to collaborate with the Wild Africa Fund in this important mission. Ghana’s wildlife and natural beauty are treasures that we must protect for our children and the generations to come,” said Dr. Louisa. Shee emphasized the role of artists and influencers in raising awareness and inspiring positive change in society.

The collaboration between the two impactful organizations is poised to create a ripple effect of positive change. By leveraging their combined influence, they intend to harness public attention, engage communities, and drive meaningful conversations around conservation. The call to protect Ghana’s wildlife is not just a responsibility but a collective duty that requires united efforts.

The partnership announcement comes at a crucial juncture, as the country grapples with the interconnected challenges of climate change, habitat loss, and biodiversity decline With Ghana’s unique wildlife and ecosystems facing increasing threats, as a result illegal human practices, such as the galamsey menace heavily operated by the Chinese nationals, the collaboration between the Wild Africa Fund and The Livingstone Foundation charity organization represents a beacon of hope for the preservation of the nation’s natural heritage.

The Livingstone Foundation is actively involved in an array of lifechanging humanitarian initiatives, notably the BHIM Workshop, where participants receive training in various areas such as small-scale farming activities, entrepreneurial development, food and agro-processing, and fashion production. These workshops aim to empower individuals and equip them with valuable skills for their personal and professional growth. Recently the foundation successfully commissioned a transformative project that brings access to clean water to four communities affected by illegal Chinese mining activities.

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